About Kazoom Flags

Our flags are orange and have our logo on them. We hide them when we go hiking and you have to find them to win.

Because you will win money if you do.

Kazoom Adventures is a new adventure brand focusing on finding and making cool adventurous things to do in Las Vegas, and eventually more cities in the US. We also like to be social and play games with like minded adventurers.

Kazoom Flags is a free game that we run in the Las Vegas community. We hide branded Kazoom Flags in various locations and provide image & video clues. If you can find them you will win a Visa Gift card for various amounts based on difficulty. We also have quarterly and yearly competitions for the top Kazoomers.

Our goal is to create an engaging adventure community in Las Vegas that sponsors will want to be a part of!

The bigger we all make it, the better prizes and cash will get over time. So tell your friends!

Register for flag hunts FREE – create an account so that you get notified each time a new flag drops – we release a new flag about 2 days after the latest one has been captured!

Follow us on social media and support the community by sharing our content.

If you have an adventure related business / product or idea you are welcome to contact us and talk more.

send an email to [email protected] 

Lots. In 2016 we will be releasing new games, live events & other crazy epic adventurous things to do, all within an hour or 2 of vegas.

Have an idea? send it to [email protected]