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Black Canyon Kayaking


Prize: $150 Visa Gift Card

Difficulty Level : 4

Hunt Duration : 3 to 5 Hours

Recommended Skill Levels

Hiking: none
Climbing: none
Swimming: moderate, shallow water, cold water.
Navigation: Beginner
Physical Conditioning: Beginner
Flag Visibility: 6 Feet – below water – under rock

Other skills – Kayaking, Cold Water Swimming, General Awesomeness 



Welcome to Kazoom Flags Black Canyon Kayaking Flag Hunt

Here is how it works:

We have hidden a flag somewhere and you have to find it!

This adventure requires a Kayak – we rented ours from Willow Beach Marina which cost $45 for the whole day.

Follow the video and picture clues to find the flag and win a $150 Visa Gift Card

REQUIRED PROOF: Picture of winner with Flag at its location, short video blog describing your experience and how you found the flag.

**There is little to no cell signal at this flag – come prepared with supplies (and your clues) in case you have an emergency. Please be safe**

To Win the prize you MUST register for this flag – Unregistered users will not be paid – its FREE to register and we promise not to abuse your email address

Time Since Flag Drop

This Flag Dropped Monday 8-31-15

GOT IDEAS? SEND THEM TO [email protected]


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