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Colorado River Crossing


Prize: $200 Visa Gift Card


Difficulty Level : 7

Duration : 2 to 4 Hours

Recommended Skill Levels

Hiking: Beginner
Swimming: 600 yards Each Way – Strong currents
Navigation: Beginner
Physical Conditioning: Moderate to advanced – the swim is a killer and then there is a nearly vertical hill as soon as you get out of the water.
Flag Visibility: 10 Feet – Above Ground – Above Water – Laying Flat On Ground

Honor System: No kayaks, boats, paddleboards etc – swim it like we did  to get the full satisfaction of accomplishment

Warning – While we did swim this distance without life jackets, we did have an inflatable raft carrying our gear – even with the raft for breaks this is a very difficult swim, especially on the way back after you have hiked. DONT BE AN IDIOT – WEAR A LIFE JACKET. It will still be hard to do.


Welcome to Kazoom Flags Colorado River Crossing

Here is how it works:

Register for this hunt for FREE – you can then download the image and video clues to where we dropped the flag.

The first person to capture the flag (and take it with you) and provide picture proof (you with the flag, at the location it was found)  gets a $200 Visa gift card courtesy of Kazoom Adventures.

To Win the prize you MUST register for this flag – Unregistered users will not be paid – its FREE to register and we promise not to abuse your email address.

Time Since Flag Drop

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