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DIFFICULTY LEVEL 6          4-6 HOURS          APPX. 5-6 MILES          FLAG VISIBILITY 0FT


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This flag has been captured – but you can still get in the raffle if you submit proof of you at the hunt area before Friday 4/22

Difficulty Level: 6. Hike Duration: 4-6 hours. Distance: 5-6 miles. Flag Visibility: 0 Ft.

The French Fried flag is a level 6 Flag Hunt. Challenge your self, and push it to the limit. Anyone with some heart and enough water, food and dedication should be able to get to the hunt area – But it ain’t gonna be easy. Kids under 15 might have a hard time on this one. If you make it to the last waypoint and submit picture proof you’ll get entered into a raffle for a bonus prize, more details below.



Pro Audio Home Theater Installation has provided a Bonus Raffle Prize, a Floating Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker. Also, mention Kazoom and Pro Audio will give you 20% off of installation labor for your next audio installation. Click for Pro Audio’s website.

Bonus Clues

No guarantee on bonus clues for this hunt, but if we do release any they’ll show up here about 3 days after the flag launches, stay tuned to facebook if you want to get updates, and watch your email.

The rules are simple

  1. Register for free access to clues
  2. Follow clues, capture flag
  3. Submit waypoint & capture proof

Required Proof

  • 2-3 pics of you & the flag where it was found
  • Pictures/video of you at each waypoint
  • 10+ sec video about your Kazoom flag hunt

Warnings & Advice

You will be traveling roughly 5-6 miles round trip. Should take between 4 & 6 hours. Bring LOTS of water & some food. Kids under 15 might have a hard time.

Recommended Skill Levels

kazoom Fitness: Intermediate
kazoom Hiking: Intermediate+
kazoom Climbing: Beginner+
kazoom Navigation: Intermediate+
kazoom Swimming: None

Difficulty Level: 6

This hunt rated a level 6 due to steep cliffs & lots of incline, navigation will also be challenging. You should be in good shape and have the proper gear for this. Not only is the hike to the hunt area rough but the flag is hidden very well.

Who Can Play?

To win the prize you MUST be a registered user of Kazoom Flags. Its free to signup and its always free to play. What are you waiting for? Registered Kazoomers will get emails each time a flag is dropped and captured.

Do You Have

What It Takes?