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French Toast Flag – Waypoint Challenge


Prize: 350 Visa Gift Card

Difficulty Level : 6

Hunt Duration : 4 to 6 Hours
Distance: about 1500 feet climb in elevation. total distance of maybe 2 miles.

Recommended Skill Levels

Hiking: Intermediate
Climbing: Intermediate +
Swimming: none
Navigation: Intermediate +
Physical Conditioning: Intermediate
Flag Visibility: 1 Foot – Above Ground – Above Water
Vehicle Needed: n/a

Read the instructions about winning and submitting proof.

**Take the flag with you when you capture it**

Please use extreme caution on these cliffs



Kazoom Flags – French Toast Flag- Waypoint Challenge

The rules are simple:

  1. Find the flag and win $350 Visa Gift Card
  2. Submit proof of you at the flag location with the flag and at each waypoint
  3. Come back alive. Seriously, please be safe – the cliffs are steep and rocks are sharp

**Take the flag with you when you capture it**

Submit your proof of capture to [email protected]

REQUIRED PROOF: This is a waypoint challenge. You must submit proof of you an your team at each of our designated waypoints as outlined in the clues & 2-3 pictures of you and your team capturing the flag, 10+ second video blog about how you found it and your experience on the journey (feel free to rub it in the face of the other teams)

To Win the prize you MUST register for this flag – Unregistered users will not be paid


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