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Junior Bacon Mountain


Prize: 200 Visa Gift Card

Difficulty Level : 6

Hunt Duration : 2 to 4 Hours
Distance: Roughly Less than a mile up and down

Recommended Skill Levels

Hiking: Intermediate
Climbing: Intermediate – but dangerous to the inexperienced.
Swimming: none
Navigation: Beginner
Physical Conditioning: Moderate
Flag Visibility: 10 Feet – Above Ground – Above Water

**Warning – the approach to the flag is quite dangerous, please don’t attempt the climb if you are not 100% comfortable that you can get up and more importantly back down.**



Welcome to Kazoom Flags Junior Bacon Mountain

**Warning, this flag hunt is dangerous and extreme caution should be exercised when approaching the flag location. If you are not comfortable climbing, don’t do it – its not worth dying for **


In addition to finding the flag – on this hunt you need to provide photo proof of you at each waypoint.

Follow the picture & video clues to find the flag and win a $200 Visa Gift Card

REQUIRED PROOF: Picture of you and your team at each waypoint and at the flag location, 10+ second video blog about how you found it and your experience on the journey (feel free to rub it in the face of the other teams)

To Win the prize you MUST register for this flag – Unregistered users will not be paid – its FREE to register and we promise not to abuse your email address


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